California Grill Brunch Gluten Free Review

Y’all I have found heaven and it’s conveniently located at the California Grill Brunch. How good is it? How good can a brunch possibly be? Let me tell you, at $80 per person this is one of the most expensive meals on Disney property AND in my honest opinion, they could charge more and I would STILL call it a good value. That’s right folks, it’s so good I would pay as much as a park ticket for this meal without batting an eyelash! Think that’s high praise? Just wait the love fest is only getting started! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Katie Trip Report Part 1

Hey all! Today I’m bringing you the first installment of what I think will be a 4 part post series- my first ever Trip Report! I’m putting one day in each post so this is Day 1 of our trip! I have really loved reading these types of blogs for years, it always felt like a way for me to be in Disney when I couldn’t be, so I wanted to try my hand at writing one too. If you like this let me know and I’ll try to write more of them!  Continue reading

Jolly Holiday Cafe Gluten Free Review

Alright guys, so a few weeks ago I wrote a review of my absolute favorite quick service in Disney World, Satu’li Canteen, well today I’m back to tell you not just my favorite quick service in Disneyland (and DCA and Downtown Disney) but my actual favorite food stop of any sort in any part of California Disney- Jolly Holiday Cafe! And of course price factors in but I’ll tell you, Jolly Holiday was my favorite for how good the food is, cost is just a bonus!

Continue reading

Yacht Club Hotel Review and Tips

We stayed at the Yacht Club for our birthday/anniversary trip earlier this month and I’m excited to write a review of one of my favorite hotels! However, as much as I enjoy this resort there are definitely ways to do it better so I’ll let you in on some ideas for making the absolute most of your time and money at this Deluxe Disney resort! Continue reading

Blaze Pizza Gluten Free Review

Y’all I can not tell you how excited I am to write this review of Blaze Fast-Fir’d Pizza! But before we launch into what is going to be a love fest (scary for us gluten free folk perhaps, but love fest nonetheless), let me warn you… DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW HUNGRY. I repeat if you like pizza (aka are you human?) do not read on an empty belly! Continue reading

Satu’li Canteen Gluten Free Review

Hey y’all I’m writing to you today from the last day of our Disney trip but I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about our visit to Pandoa: The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and our FANTASTIC dining experience in their quick service Satu’li Canteen! In this review I’m covering both our Breakfast and Lunch experiences so you get the full menu! Continue reading