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Y’all I have found heaven and it’s conveniently located at the California Grill Brunch. How good is it? How good can a brunch possibly be? Let me tell you, at $80 per person this is one of the most expensive meals on Disney property AND in my honest opinion, they could charge more and I would STILL call it a good value. That’s right folks, it’s so good I would pay as much as a park ticket for this meal without batting an eyelash! Think that’s high praise? Just wait the love fest is only getting started! Continue reading

Alright y’all I hope you’re hungry because it’s time to talk about one of my absolute, all time favorite (gluten free) meals in Disney: D-Luxe Burger! D-Luxe Burger is located in Disney Springs and serves, you guessed it, burgers. Disney Springs has been seriously upping their food game with each new edition but D-Luxe continues to reign as the number 1 can NOT leave Disney until we’ve been there food destination, here’s why! Continue reading

Being gluten intolerant, maybe I get a bit more excited about Sprinkles in Disney Springs than most. Sure you can get a great cupcake pretty much anywhere, but when you’re gluten intolerant that’s just not the case. Sprinkles, for gluten free folks like me, is a kind of life changing dessert experience. As much as I love Sprinkles food, though, Sprinkles itself is another story. Ready to hear more and get that sweet tooth reallllllyyyyy hungry? Let’s go then! Continue reading

In our last post I talked about some of my favorite tips for making the most of your pre-park-opening breakfast experience in Magic Kingdom. One of those was about splitting breakfast at Be Our Guest so I thought I should follow that up with a review of Breakfast at Be Our Guest so I can tell you guys more of what I love about it (and maybe a few things to watch out for). Continue reading

Hello again friends! I know it’s been a while between moving to South Carolina, getting the shop set up, and just returning from our 2 year anniversary trip, but we are back in the swing of things and I have so much to share with all of you, so let’s dig right in with a brand new series:

Mickey Waffle Wednesday

 and we’re kicking it off with one of my absolute favorite breakfasts in all of Disney: Gasparilla Grill! Continue reading

I have to start this review with a request: if you have any remote understanding of the relationship the Swan & Dolphin have to Disney, PLEASE enlighten me because I am thoroughly confused. And this matters because with this meal, my first ever meal at these “Walt Disney” hotels, was the second best dinner I’ve ever had in Disney- EVER- and that’s second only to Victoria & Albert’s. How can it be that good? Well, read on my friends, read on through my Bluezoo gluten free review and get ready to book your next & best Disney Date!

Continue reading

EDIT: I am currently working on a NEW Yachtsman review. Since becoming gluten intolerant I have been to Yachtsman about a half dozen times and all were fine until our most recent June 2017 trip where I was gluten contaminated and became very ill. The restaurant did not take any steps to rectify the way this impacted our trip. I will talk about it in the new post and every other trip to Yachtsman has been without issue but I want readers to be aware that I was recently made very sick by this kitchen so be extra cautious if you go!

Being the classic American Steakhouse that it is, filled with steaks, steaks, potatoes, and more steaks, Yachtsman makes it onto that rare but wonderful list where MORE dishes are naturally gluten free than gluten containing. But Yachstman is more than just some good meat and some good spuds, in fact, the most amazing dish of our last trip there turned out to not be meat-containing at all! Shocked? Confused? Skeptical, well then, read on and be amazed! Continue reading

Just 3 days after our wedding back in June 2014 David and I made our first big “we’re married now” decision: we spent aaaallllllllll our money and became Disney Vacation Club Members! We’ve only gotten to stay at our “home” at The Grand Floridian once since the purchase but we love it so much that even when we’re staying elsewhere we still clear out some park time to go relax at the Grand instead! Continue reading