Hello again! To say it’s been a whirlwind of a summer is an understatement but we’re back and we have so much goodness to tell you about! So without further ado, let’s jump right into this Flying Fish Gluten Free Review!


Flying Fish is a signature dining restaurant at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel. We first came here on our Disneymoon, the very first night of it and both that experience and this one led us to the same conclusion- it might not be the best fish/food in Disney (as far as fish goes, that honor belongs squarely to Bluezoo in my opinion), but it might be one of the best places just about anywhere to celebrate a special occasion!


This time we were celebrating our 3 year anniversary and last time our 1 day anniversary haha so both our trips involved a special occasion and both times we got the same phenomenal treatment. We were treated with a champagne toast and the chef put together a super special dessert for us, both on the house! The staff did a truly great job making our night special! Also in the perfect for celebrating category is just how romantic of a night it can be. Here’s my advice for a PERFECT date night…

For most of the year you can easily time your meal to go in during daylight hours (perfect for those picturesque pre-dinner photos), and come out during sunset which is always ESPECIALLY beautiful over Crescent Lake! Plan to make a whole night of your time at the boardwalk. Get there early enough to have time before dinner for pictures and plan to stay late enough after for exploring, watching the performers and shows, and having some good old Boardwalk fun. If you skip on dessert you can grab some of the best ice cream anywhere at Ample Hills and sit to people watch and enjoy the evening, it’s so relaxing and peaceful and just a fantastic way to spend time with someone you love!


Okay, so back to the restaurant! Flying Fish got a major renovation in the last few years and I was so excited to see it. They’ve done an incredibly good job of carrying the underwater theme throughout the restaurant. The entire thing is blue with a rug that’s supposed to resemble the ocean floor, and the stunning glass chandelier across the whole ceiling is molded to look like a school of fish swimming by. Even the utensils had little scales! It was adorable, one of the best examples of having an interesting theme but still feeling elegant!


For food David got the Ocean’s Bounty Sustainable Fish with harvest vegetable melange and savory potato beurre blanc which changes based on whatever they can get fresh and sustainably and I got the Ora King New Zealand Salmon with grits, charred avocado, shishito, and cilantro-cumin butter. Both of us really enjoyed the dish and found them to be in the “interesting” category haha. By that we mean they had things we hadn’t really seen before or didn’t totally know what it was but it all tasted good and worked together! We agreed both of our fish were well cooked although I still hold a candle for Bluezoo as the best plate of fish in Disney.



For dessert we were presented with this special plate. We were so touched by it and I took about 10,000 pictures. We didn’t actually know what it all was but we took our guesses and some of them turned out right! The thing on the back left was a tower of chocolate and raspberry and banana cream (a mini version of the Chocolate Banana Napoleon). On the right were little chocolate mousse domes with pistachio “sand,” dehydrated milk foam (so much tastier than it sounds), and a chocolate “coral” (a mini version of the Under the Sea). These were so fun and tasty! My favorite were the Under the Sea domes!


And that was our night! Overall, like I said, the food is definitely very good but it’s hard for me to truly call it great when it’s right next to my favorite fish restaurant anywhere in the world BUT it is definitely one of my absolute FAVORITE places for a special occasion, especially when you make a whole night of it! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re celebrating something special while in Disney!


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