Hey all! Today I’m bringing you the first installment of what I think will be a 4 part post series- my first ever Trip Report! I’m putting one day in each post so this is Day 1 of our trip! I have really loved reading these types of blogs for years, it always felt like a way for me to be in Disney when I couldn’t be, so I wanted to try my hand at writing one too. If you like this let me know and I’ll try to write more of them! 

Our June 2017 trip was a very special one, for my lifetime of Disney trips, probably around 30 visits in my 26 years, I had never once been in Disney for my Birthday. I had some pretty high expectations going into it which led to a few disappointments but David worked so hard to make sure the trip was absolutely magical for me and despite the setbacks it definitely was!

beach club hallway 1

Living in South Carolina (for now at least!), this trip started the day before with a mad rush to fill as many orders as we humanly could. It means we stay up later than we should and usually don’t get to packing until 10:00 pm at the earliest the night before but it’s become a tradition for us and we love getting to completely stuff the trunk with boxes.

beach club outside 1

This trip we had planned to hit the road very early at 4:00 so we could try to catch a late breakfast in Disney. Naturally we woke up at 6. Classic. We raced through our morning and were dropping boxes off at the post office by 7. Once we were on the way David handed me a letter, he’s always written me letters and it was the start of the birthday magic. David planned every part of this trip and so this letter told me our plans for the day.  We got to our hotel, the Beach Club, around 2:00. This was my first trip trying out my brand new Canon 80D with my new Canon 35mm f2 IS USM lens and I immediately started playing with it.



When we got there our room wasn’t ready but the CM said she thought we’d be “very happy” when we saw it, being my birthday trip I had some high hopes that it would mean a room upgrade. While we waited we headed out to the pool, making a stop for Beaches milkshakes along the way of course. It was pretty toasty though so as soon as we got our room-ready text at 3:00 we headed right up. Since the room took the full until check in time we really had high hopes for it. We have a theory that room upgrades often take longer to be ready just in case a paid upgrade happens first, so this trip we think we might have been getting an upgrade but it was purchased at the last minute. We really don’t know but the room was not good. I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed at the Beach Club with a roof view and I don’t want to sound picky or entitled here, but it’s really bad. Like, it’s not just a bad view, it gives the entire room a bad feel. It looks out on a brown pebble roof making it look dirty and overall I just don’t understand why a $400 a night hotel even HAS views like this. I understand there’s a reason you upgrade but I feel like every view at that price point should at least be decent, right? Just my two cents but that is a TON of money and I feel like they could really do more to make even the “standard” rooms more worth that expense.

Disney's Yacht Club Resort Review and Tips by Once Upon A Mickey Bar disney vacation I disney resort I disney deluxe resort I disney tips

So we went down to the front desk to find out if there were other rooms available or if we could pay for an upgrade, there was nothing available at the Beach Club but we could go over to the Yacht Club so we did. (I might as well be completely honest that I was feeling a bit salty at this point in the trip, those high expectations kicking in I suppose but David cheered me up quick and it didn’t impact our day beyond a few minutes of grumbling on the long walk down to the lobby). It was a more expensive room but let me tell you, when you get an upgraded view at the Yacht Club you really do get something special. I wrote up our thoughts on the Yacht Club in our Yacht Club Review post so I won’t go into it here but I was glad we moved. Normally we wouldn’t spring for it with how expensive it is but this was our last trip before we move to Disney in August so we really wanted to make it count.

Disney's Yacht Club Resort Review and Tips by Once Upon A Mickey Bar disney vacation I disney resort I disney deluxe resort I disney tips

Disney's Yacht Club Resort Review and Tips by Once Upon A Mickey Bar disney vacation I disney resort I disney deluxe resort I disney tips

After getting to our Yacht Club room we got ourselves ready for dinner. David surprised me with a dinner at one of my absolute favorite Disney dinners- Bluezoo. As soon as we were ready to go, though, Florida surprised us with one of its classic thunderstorms and by thunderstorms I mean the world was drowning within about a minute. We grabbed an umbrella and started the walk over to the Dolphin. We were DRENCHED by the time we got there, if you saw our instagram story that day you saw it but we were really soaked and laughing and crazy as it was we were having fun.

blue zoo drink 1

blue zoo fries 1

Dinner was delicious as usual, I had the most fun cocktail that I can’t remember the name of (such a good blogger haha!) and of course we started with the shake and bake fries. We are seriously planning a tour of Disney Fries post or video or something this fall so stay tuned for that! These are definitely not fries to miss, they’re covered in parmesan cheese and garlic and SO GOOD! (If you have a gluten allergy like me be warned I believe they are made in a shared frier, it’s a risk I sometimes take and I was 100% fine after). I love how knowledgable the staff are about every dish, they really help you figure out which fish will be the right one for you and are happy to modify or ask the kitchen about anything if you’re like me and have an allergy or just have questions! At the end of the meal Bluezoo REALLY raised the birthday bar giving us this incredible dessert on the house!

blue zoo dessert 1

blue zoo dessert 2

After Dinner we were debating going to Magic Kingdom or Disney Springs or Pandora but since it was still raining we ended up heading back to the hotel, putting on comfy clothes and relaxing after a long day. IMG_0212IMG_0208

 Thankfully the rain did stop in time for Illuminations so we were able to go out and enjoy watching on our balcony! After that we headed over to Ample Hills for some of our favorite ice cream, don’t ask me how we fit this many desserts in one day! We knew we wanted to have a REALLY early morning the next day for my actual birthday and our first ever visit to Pandora, it had morning extra magic hours too so by early we mean EARHLLLYYYYYYY so after that we went back to the room and fell asleep.


PS- I love this guy


Ample Hills Creamery Gluten Free Review #icecream #disney #waltdisneyworld #glutenfree

Stay tuned for day 2 including Pandora, Yachtsman and more!