Alright y’all, the final installment of my first ever Trip Report is here! This part features day 3 and 4 of our trip, you can catch up on Part One here and catch up on Part Two here! I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I’m enjoying writing it!


This day started with the absolute best surprise ever- David took me to the California Grill Brunch! I had heard whispers about it but didn’t really know much more than to be excited haha. I think I was grinning ear to ear the whole way there, we drove this time too instead of bussing so that we could change into park clothes after the brunch. We were both a little nervous since my stomach had been rocky all night after getting gluten contaminated at Yachtsman but thankfully my stomach actually settled once I got some food and water in me. I wasn’t really able to eat as much as I wanted to but I also definitely did enjoy myself. I wrote all about it in our California Grill Brunch review but I’ll say it was my absolute favorite Disney meal, maybe my favorite anywhere meal, ever (better even than our visit to Victoria and Albert’s on our Disneymoon!).



We got to the restaurant around 10:00 and were brought right up to the restaurant. For California Grill you check in on the second floor and then they take you in a special elevator up to the restaurant. I’ve only ever been here in the dark and I was just blown away by the view, the space is so remarkably light filled from the floor to ceiling windows and you can just see all of Magic Kingdom and the monorail loop. I think we stayed at the restaurant until about 12:30, one of the things that’s so wonderful is they really encourage you to stay a while, relax, enjoy, it’s so peaceful.



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After breakfast we changed and headed over to Magic Kingdom to do something I’d been looking forward to for weeks- finally tell everyone that WE ARE MOVING TO ORLANDO! We stopped in the Emporium to grab celebrating buttons and headed off to Main Street to take photos. To super crazy over-simplify, we’re moving because we both do the shop full time and it really just made sense for our business and for the lifestyle we want to have. I don’t think words really exist to describe how we feel about this- excited, joy filled, grateful, nervous, together, adventurous- nothing is big enough to encapsulate everything we’re feeling but what I do know is I thank God every single day for this chance to live dreams so big I never dared to dream them until He made them happen.

Side note: we are making a moving travel-vlog and we’ll probably make a post to go along with it talking about why we moved and our moving experience and all that! If you have questions you want us to answer in that video/post though let me know and we’ll make sure to include them!


After taking the photos we started walking around Magic Kingdom but it was both hot and incredibly humid and raining on and off so honestly we didn’t make it long. We DID, however, discover an absolute LOVE of PhilharMagic both for the adorable storyline AND the air conditioning. We also caught Festival of Fantasy, one of our absolute favorite things in Dinsey before heading back to the Yacht Club to relax for a while, again with that Yacht Club down time!


Disney's Yacht Club Resort Review and Tips by Once Upon A Mickey Bar disney vacation I disney resort I disney deluxe resort I disney tips

Eventually we got dressed and headed off to dinner. David booked us at Flying Fish which will always hold a place in my heart. To be honest, food wise I much prefer Bluezoo but Flying Fish is where we ate the first night of our Disneymoon and they seriously know how to celebrate! They started us off with a champagne toast and put together a super special dessert because we were also celebrating our 3 year anniversary on this trip! I was also really excited to see it again since they remodeled it fairly recently.



That was pretty much the end of our night haha, we knew we wanted to get a lot of rest before our last day and drive home so after dinner we took our time walking back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Day 4/ Last Day

The Market at Disney's Yacht Club might be the best gluten free spot on property! Read all about it here! Disney I Gluten Free Disney I Disney Food I Disney Resort I Disney Tips

In the morning we slept in- something we only ever do on the last day! We always like to get to rope drop in the morning for low crowds and good weather but on checkout day we like to stay at the resort longer since we won’t be able to go back. We had a relaxed morning, checked out the new The Market and oh my gosh I went crazy over all the gluten free options! I wrote a review of it but guys, I’ve never seen so many gluten free products in my life, it was awesome (and you can bet David had his eyes on the gluten-containing pastries in the case, especially that Mickey shaped brownie!).

Disney's Yacht Club Resort Review and Tips by Once Upon A Mickey Bar disney vacation I disney resort I disney deluxe resort I disney tips

Coffee in hand we headed out to the dock to catch the boat to Hollywood Studios, we actually usually walk but it was already getting hot and we could see the boat pulling in. We had fast passes for Toy Story Mania so we went right there. Of course David had to stop to get a Joffrey’s donut first though, honestly I think these donuts are how I got him to come to Disney in the first place! I shouldn’t admit this where David can read it but I will anyway- he is WAY better at me at Buzz Lightyear, he just always wins. BUT Toy Story Mania I’m the champion. He keeps telling me once we move he’s going to sneak over here to practice so he can crush me one day!


After Hollywood Studios we hopped in the car and headed to Disney Springs. I held off on breakfast so that I could get a D-luxe Burger and a Sprinkles Cupcake for lunch instead. We actually ended up sitting a while so I could write my review of Satu’li Canteen. Maybe it sounds weird to want to work on the last day of vacation but (and I’m smiling even as I write this) I was just imagining that in a few weeks this would be my life, I could pack up my laptop and come over to D-Luxe and have a burger and do my work and that’s just… joy. So we sat and I pretended it was August and home was 15 minutes away. Maybe a bit silly but it just made me so happy.



At the end of the day we headed back to Magic Kingdom hoping it wouldn’t be as rainy as the previous day. Of course it was! I hid out under Tomorrowland Terrace (my FAVORITE spot for when it’s raining since you can see the castle and watch the storm) while he went to get a Cinna-Loaf because he is the King of Sugar. Instead of dealing with the rain, and knowing we’d be back soon, we skipped the rides and took the boat over to The Grand. And can I pause a second to tell you how insanely happy it made us to be able to say we’re coming back, and not in a next year or next trip sort of way, in a we’re coming back whenever we want, locals way. I said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a dream I hadn’t thought to dream until it was happening and no matter what, ups and downs, stresses and joys, I am so thankful every day not just for this specific path, but for having the faith, for both of us having the faith, to trust God’s plans because they always turn out bigger and better than we could dare to dream.

ANYWAY! Sorry to be a big sap, I get like that around this whole packing up and moving to Disney thing! So at the end of our day we grabbed drinks at Mizner’s and read for a while. Before leaving we went over to Gasparilla Grill, one of my favorite quick service spots, it had been closed for refurbishment so we were excited to see it open and what was new on the menu. Guys, the sandwich I got was heaven. They always make fantastic chips in house, but they toasted up some gluten free bread and piled it high with fresh mozzarella, marinated  portabella, and tomato. IT WAS SO GOOD. Oh and David got a cupcake, because why eat anything but sugar on your last day in Disney?! Hahahaha


That’s it! That was our trip! We don’t normally go quite so over the top with special dining and experiences but we knew this was the very last time we would go to Disney until we were locals (LOCALS!!!!). I had so much fun writing up our time and I hope you enjoyed following along. I would love to do more of these with trips we’ve taken in the last year, with day trips as locals, and with the overnight trips we have planned too. If you’d like to see more of these on the blog let me know in the comments! 🙂