Hello everyone! I’m writing to you from a chair outside The Beach Club as an official Orlando local! How crazy is this?! We have so much content to share with new reviews, tips posts, and some other fun projects we’re working on so thank you for hanging with us this past crazy month as we threw everything on a truck and hit the road! Without further ado, here’s all about our celebration night at Narcoossee’s and, spoiler alert, we’re obsessed!

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We went to Narcoossee’s last week to celebrate our new local status and I have to start out by saying just how cool it  was to be able to just go on a date at a Disney restaurant. Sorry, I don’t know if I’ll get over this for a long time haha! Narcoossee’s is a signature dining restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. The Grand Floridian has a 3 signature dining spots- this which is their nautical/fish restaurant, Citricos which is their mediterranean themed restaurant, and Victoria & Albert’s which is their super elite all the awards super fine dining spot. BONUS! Narcoossee’s actually has a 20% discount going for annual pass holders right now so if you’ve been thinking about trying it now’s the time and let me just cut to the chase here and say YOU WANT TO TRY THIS haha!


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FullSizeRender 21Narcoossee’s is located right next to the boat dock and is circular and lined with windows which means no matter where you sit you’ll have a great view. The restaurant really works on that northern nautical theme with deep blue tablecloths and wood accents, it also has a few really fun features like the gigantic mural and the open kitchen as soon as you walk in! I also really liked the chocolate Finding Nemo sculpture, how incredible is this?! It was made with 75 pounds of white chocolate!

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One thing I really enjoyed at Narcoossee’s was that every entree on the menu could be made gluten free. Most restaurants will mark which items are naturally non-gluten containing but their menu actually listed possible substitutions to ensure every one was safe, I was impressed! They actually confirmed every time they brought meal out that the chef had made sure my plates were gluten free, it was honestly really reassuring that every time they said it was safe. So much of the menu was already gluten free though that I just had a great allergy experience!

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We started off with bread service. I had the usual gluten free rolls while David got a loaf of homemade sourdough bread and we both got butter with this pink salt on it was SO GOOD (they called it “pixie dust” haha). Let me also pause for a moment to say how happy it makes me when the servers automatically bring us separate butters to avoid cross contamination without having to be asked, it just puts me at ease for the whole night. David got a key lime pie martini and I got the mango mojito which they made Mickey Shaped for me! I wasn’t sure what I’d think but it was more of a hint of mango, not overpowering mango, so I really enjoyed it!

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Up next I got the Romain Wedge Salad that came with warm bacon vinaigrette, herb mascarpone, avocado, tomato, and parmesan cracker. I was really excited for this salad and it was good, not excellent but I was happy with it. I think the dressing could have been warmer and the parmesan a bit crispier but overall a solid start.

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Even though Narcoossee’s is fish I was really in the mood for steak, they have either the filet mignon at 7 oz or the strip at 12 oz, I like more tender meat so I went with the filet. To our credit David did the surf and turf so his steak (half portion) came with a lobster tail! He said his lobster was very good, the flavor was great and it was cooked perfectly. We both were fawning over our steaks. They were cooked just right, seasoned well, and just overall some of the best steaks we’ve had in Disney. I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of the wine reduction, it was fine but didn’t do much  for me. I would have much preferred one of the sauces over at Yachtsman or just more of the herb butter they put on top.

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We have to get to the real star of the night now though- THE POTATOES. HOLY SMOKES GUYS GET THESE. So our meals came with potatoes but the Narcoossee’s Signature Mashed Potatoes with bacon and cheddar sounded so good we just had to go for it. UGH. WORDS FAIL. Just look and trust me, you need these. The mashed potatoes alone are great, buttery with just the right amount of chunks but then topped with all this amazing and I would go back for these any time!

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Finally we finished off our night with dessert. They had a chocolate coconut creme brûlée that was gluten free and it sounded so interesting we had to go with it! We were pretty full at this point but the presentation was so fun! Honestly I liked the whipped chantilly cream on top more than the actual dessert haha but if you like coconut and chocolate you’ll really enjoy this!

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And that was the night! We took some photos before dinner of this dress from our boutique Spring Garden and it was the perfect date night outfit- mostly because by the end of the meal I was STUFFED but the dress was so flowy you couldn’t tell haha! I love the color of this dress and the lace is so pretty! If you like it don’t forget you can use the code “MickeyBar” to get a 15% off discount! 🙂


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Overall we really enjoyed this restaurant. The service was good, the atmosphere was so fun with the view of the boat and monorail and top of the castle, and the food was fantastic! From an allergy perspective I really felt taken care of and will definitely be heading back!

Have you been to Narcoossee’s yet? What did you think?!