Hi all! Okay so today I have a super amazing treat: an inside look at the Poly bungalows! On our last trip, while hunting for free stickers, we learned that the Bungalows were doing special members-only tours and there just happened to be one on our last day afternoon! Even though it seemed a little crazy to give up precious last-day time, we figured the opportunity to actually get to explore the bungalows was worth the sacrifice. And you know what? It totally was! 

Forewarning, this post is like 70% pictures and 30% me rambling about how pretty the things in the pictures are. Good? Good.

SO! First up the DVC rep took us through the villas. These are not everyone’s favorite and I know some people aren’t fans of the lake view= bungalow view but still costs more points thing. Having never paid for a lake view and never intending to pay for a lake view I probably don’t have the right to too much of an opinion here, but I actually kinda like the bungalow view (in the title image above). I actually think they look pretty cool! But I can sympathize that if you’re used to that view meaning prime fireworks viewage it could be an issue.

villas 1

I HAVE TO GIVE MAJOR PROPS FOR THIS NEXT THING THOUGH. See that bedside table? See how it doesn’t have a bottom drawer? villas 2And I know you can’t see in this picture but trust me that there’s storage under the bed? That fixes the single biggest problem with the Grand Floridian Villas and I am so SO SO happy Disney listened to this and fixed it!
See, over at the Grand there’s storage drawers under the bed- great idea- but also a bedside table that blocks one of the two drawers- bad idea. In this new design they were careful enough to make sure the under bed storage was actually, you know, accessable.

We also got to see the super gorgeous bathroom. Just look at that tile! All the love!!!

Overall we were surprisingly happy with the studios. We really didn’t expect to be Poly people (just because we end up hanging out there every single trip doesn’t mean we, you know, like it or anything, right?). We’re (well, at least I am) more beachy people, so the Poly style isn’t what I imagine as my ideal vacation, but the more time we spend there the more I find I actually really love it.

Okay, on to the main event: the B U N G A L O W S ! ! ! !

villa 5

First of all, my favorite (and least favorite) part. Favorite because, I mean, do you see this kitchen? Like, if the Grand Floridian kitchens weren’t already my absolute dream kitchens (I’m a sucker for white), this would 100% come home with me. Except, as David quickly pointed out, for this table. Of course it’s super gorgeous, but you know what else it is? Scratched. Literally these things have probably had what, a few dozen stays and this huge gorgeous EXPENSIVE table is already scratched. And I’m not saying this for aesthetics, I’m saying it for annual dues. Scenario 1- the maintenance fees on the finishes they did in these bungalows are going to be high because they are both beautiful and easily damaged… Scenario 2- the bungalows get damaged and you pay all your points ever for a desperately in need of refurbishment space (I’m looking at you pre-renovations Beach Club). Still, it’s beautiful and for the sake of this tour, I was definitely impressed and loved how larger families could fit everyone around the surf-board like table!

villa 7

Also in the living room dining room kitchen open concept of beauty area is this adorable drop down bed with the Electric Water Parade behind it! We thought this touch was crazy awesome because you can WATCH the show from the bed! So well thought out!

villas 10

The other trundle bed was in the second bedroom and had this super cute mural of a sleepy Lilo and Stitch. I wish I could take this one home with me as a print to put on the wall!

villa 8

Speaking of bedrooms, here’s the master. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T EVEN. There’s a panel next to the bed that controls, like, every bit of electricity in the place so you can have the precise lighting you want. The details are spectacular, look at those beams! And then, you know, you think you’re in bungalow heaven when you turn around and see…..

villa 9

the master bath! Can you even? I can’t even. Oh, and the water closet has mermaids. But really, this room is one of the many reasons David and I have established “if we paid for X or Y rooms we just wouldn’t bother with park tickets because we wouldn’t leave.” Yeah, that tub, not going anywhere.

But lets say you somehow pull yourself out of the master suite wonderland, you’ll find yourself

villa 4

on the wrap around porch! Now, I’ll be the first to say, as amazingly cool as these seats are, they weren’t the most comfy thing ever BUT those loungers in the back have enough comfy for both of them.

villa 11

Also back here is your private dipping pool. But yes, that is the crane I mean castle in the background to your afternoon nap haha!

Overall thoughts?

I was really, truly impressed with the details in the Polynesian Bungalows. There was original, beautiful artwork on every wall, just enough to make it feel like home. The lamps were modeled to look like the Tiki statue in the lobby, really, just every single element, every single one, was thought about and carefully designed. It felt like a move in ready home, only, on vacation, and for all the points you’ll ever have. But actually.

On the other hand, it is very expensive and I probably wouldn’t want to do any park time if I was staying there. I go to Disney for both the parks and the resorts so this is a balance I’d personally struggle to find. At the same time if you’re a larger family and have people who don’t want to go to the parks as much or maybe have limited mobility and can’t it’s a great way for everyone both out at the parks and in at the resort to have a remarkable time.

So in conclusion: Polynesian Bungalow, you’re just too beautiful! BUT Polynesian studio? You’re just right for this girl!