Hey all! Today I’m here with a review of one of my favorite spots- Trattoria al Forno! Trattoria al Forno is a table service restaurant on Disney’s Boardwalk, it serves one of my absolute favorite breakfasts on property so I was so excited to try their dinner and (although breakfast is still my favorite) it did not disappoint! 

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Trattoria al Forno is themed like a little restaurant you might find in any town in Italy only much bigger haha! It has warm wood decor and “family” pictures all over the walls. One thing I’ve noticed with this place is that the Disney App NEVER shows all the reservations- the app will say it’s full but there will be plenty of walk in room so I highly suggest if you can’t get a reservation still go over and try!

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My favorite part of the restaurant is the coffee. They only list it on the breakfast menu but they can make it for dinner too and promise me right now you will order this- Italian Iced Coffee. It’s incredibly good coffee sweetened and topped with whipped cream and it’s so good, I’ll be honest here, I always order an extra one to go and stick it in the fridge for the next day (or just later if I can’t resist haha).

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Trattoria is one of the most gluten friendly restaurants I’ve been to for both breakfast and dinner. At breakfast they have gluten free bread (which almost no breakfast places in all of Orlando have although Disney is usually better) and at dinner they have gluten free pasta, even gluten free bread crumbs so they really can make almost anything gluten safe!

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I was a huge fan of the rich olive oil to dip my allergy rolls in and the rolls were heated about average-well. David (being gluten-eating) got a mini loaf of bread served piping hot in a newspaper, it was so cute!

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I ordered the spaghetti carbonara with gluten free pasta. It’s an interesting way to serve it- they give you a slab of pancetta and a poached egg (along with crumbles of pancetta as well) so you just mix everything up and it sort of makes the sauce. I’ll be honest, I prefer normal preparation to this dish, the sauce just didn’t thicken the way it should have because the egg is served separately like this but it was still tasty and the gluten free pasta they use is excellent.


David got the chicken parmesan and although this is actually the gluten containing version I wanted to include it because they do make a gluten free version! I’m personally not a chicken person but the waiter said the GF version is very good and David was really happy with his! He couldn’t even finish it all the portion was so large!

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Overall it was a great meal and I definitely recommend this place if you like Italian food! It’s not too expensive (my entree was $20 and David’s was $22) and the Boardwalk is one of my absolute favorite places to spend a beautiful Florida night! You can grab dessert here (they have gluten free cheesecake!) or head next door to Ample Hills, across the water to Beaches and Cream or even into Epcot for a great dessert and fireworks! I can’t wait to try more of their menu!

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